Monday, July 21, 2008

Revisions and Updates (#6)

Ugh. I'm not doing so well today. The big day is coming up fast and I am cracking under the pressure like ......a big cracky thing (my imagination and the simile center of my brain also seem to be damaged). I have also learned an important health lesson I'd like to share with the younger readers (and those young at heart). Lead paint chips may taste delicious, but...... Hmm, I can't remember what I was going to say. I guess that's it then. Lead paint chips are delicious!
The mistress of deception and misdirection had an interesting comment to the last post that I feel deserves a response:

OpenID offlabeluse said...

I'd like to suggest a different nickname for Michael. "Danseuse" and "petite" are the feminine forms of the words, and in French the adjective follows the noun. Michael is most definitely a male. Michael is also very gentlemanly and kind to his opponents. So, how about "Le Danseur Gentil"?

And what about Lamar? He needs a nickname that indicates his sunny demeanor and his blinding intelligence. Something that reflects the fact that his sunny demeanor distracts his opponents from his blinding intelligence ...until it's too late!

Ok sorry about the wrong french forms. I am shocked, SHOCKED, that the free internet translation site, Babelfish, let me down here. I officially decree that his nickname shall be changed to Le Danseur Gentil, but only because I read it as Le Danseur Gerbil the first time I saw it. She is definitely right that Lamar needs a nickname also. I have not seen him recently, but certainly hope I do soon. As I said before, my wit is not up to even my normal subpar standards, but lets go with "Sunshine and Pain" for now. It makes him sound like he's two people and I am pretty sure he is twice as good as me. You can also make fun proclamations like: "The forecast for today's game calls for Sunshine.....and Pain!". Umm, maybe I'll try again later. My wife and patient supporter in all things scrabble has also "requested" a nickname and has kindly pointed out that she procured my scrabble duck in the first place and so theoretically is just as deserving as any other more "traditional" scrabble player previously listed. Since she was also nice enough to provide me with the nickname so I did not have to burn the precious few brain cells I have left, I happily acquiesced. So look out world for the "Coconut Conundrum". I'm not sure exactly what that means, but hopefully she can try explaining it to me again soon and with smaller words next time. Sorry for the small post people. Hopefully, once I fill up on some more delicious lead paint chips I will be properly fortified for a more proper post. Till then duckies!

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